Engineering Study in Ukraine

engineeringUkrainian (have been a key region of USSR in past) scientists have proved themselves in the fields of engineering. In fact they are the pioneers who adopted and implemented real industrialization back to 18th and 19th century. Kyiv and Kharkiv Metro projects prove that how advance and successful Ukrainian Engineers were. This is the reason that Ukrainian universities are offering world class Engineering courses and producing successful engineers in every branch of the Engineering Faculty.

H&H Group has signed contracts with leading Engineering universities in Ukraine and inviting students from all over the world to start their successful Engineering study and achieve their goals through Engineering Professional Careers.

Our Universities

Following are our main top ranked universities which are offering dozens of Engineering Courses with strong theoretical and Practical outlines.


Tuition Fees for Bachelor Engineering Degrees


Tuition Fees for Master Engineering Degrees


If you need further information about Admission and Visa requirements for Engineering universities please Contact Us

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