Aviation Study in Ukraine

Engineer with jet engine --- Image by © Monty Rakusen/cultura/Corbis

Aviation Industry has become an essential part of our lives specifically in terms of travelling thousands of miles in hours and transportation of cargo. Aviation industry has totally changed the way we explore the world of possibilities. It has reduced the huge distances between cities, countries and ultimately the continents. Aviation is among the top 3 industries offering highest salaries in the world.

When it comes to a question to select Aviation field as a professional career, your success to lead the world starts the same day. Aviation industry has a great diversity of professional courses starting from an aeronautical engineer to becoming a qualified airplane pilot. Aviation study is a journey for those who want to fly sky high and explore the universe with the power of their wings

H&H Group is glad to inform you that we have World’s leading Aviation Universities and Academies on our panel which proved their R&D and its success throughout the world specifically in the 19th century (WW2). H&H Group is proud to invite you to the Aviation Universities which would reshape your future career to be successful.

Aviation Universities

Following are our partner universities which are offering quality Aviation courses with a difference.


Tuition Fees for Bachelor Aviation Degrees


*CPL course cost depends upon type of the plan used for Practice and Flight hours.

If you need further information about Admission and Visa requirements for Aviation universities please Contact Us


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