About H&H Group

“Quality Education & Life for Everyone”!

H&H Group is legally registered student consultancy firm in Ukraine. Following a slogan “Quality Education & Life for Everyone”, H&H Group is fully focused to offer quality education at reasonable expense to the international students specifically students from Asia, Middle East and Great Africa. H&H Group is one of the fastest growing consultancy firms in Europe with a great number of qualified regional representatives ensuring fully transparent services to our valued students. As an independent organization, for the promotion of international education with special emphasis on student counseling and consultancy services, its objective is to provide a formal and authorized link between international educational enterprises, national institutions and the students planning to study in Ukraine, Latvia (Europe) or China.

In order to achieve our objective we operate as a full-time Student Consultancy Service. Our primary goal is to ensure that students planning to study abroad are given professional advice and information on the various requirements and procedures in a systematic manner and finally process their applications for admission. To support and coordinate education promotions, we hold seminars and exhibitions whereby needs and visions of our clients are assessed in a well-managed and quality assured manner for realization of full scope marketing objectives.

Students are always advised to approach and consult well reputed and professional Consultancy Service Provider who have already studied or lived abroad. Having an exposure of international study environment, in depth knowledge about international education industry and a great team from different nationalities and cultures can only look after your all queries and concerns in a much better way than anyone else.

Students must ensure access to a professional channel of communications in order to choose and plan their education and career needs logically and implement decision about their future in a well-planned manner to ensure value of their time and parents investment. At H&H Group we ensure that students are guided professional and equipped fully to live and study abroad with a positive attitude leading to high standards of perfection and excellence.

H&H Group is proudly offering the following services to our valued clients as per their requirements;

  • Student Consultancy
  • Tourism Consultancy
  • Medical Tourism Consultancy
  • Insurance Policies Mediators
  • Documents Translation
  • Immigration Facilitators
  • Real Estate Services

Chairman’s Message

I am glad to welcome you to H&H Group and reaffirm my genuine support to the cause of education, particularly in terms of securing admission for students to any of our partner universities in Ukraine, Latvia and China. Counseling students for admissions in dignified qualifications is my passion for life. I am thankful to all my colleagues, academic partners & clients in Ukraine, Latvia, China, and abroad who have been so far lending support to realize my mission. H&H Group has a rich background of ethical and responsible Consultancy Services in different areas of life. We strongly believe that business success is not just about profits but the way how you earn profits. Our organizational strategy and culture reflects our professional and ethical approaches which are actually our key to rapid growth in this very competitive business environment.

H&H Group began its journey in 2013 with a small team of professionals in Poltava, Ukraine. Today with the blessings of Almighty Allah (God), we have expanded our services to more than 20 countries from Asia, Middle East and Great Africa. Our brand name is being recognized both at national and international level. We have launched our branch offices in most of the countries and further we are in process of signing agreements with professional student consultants in above mentioned regions. I would like to proudly announce that our high visa success rate throughout our operations remained exceptional which clearly reflects the quality of our professionalism and our determination to accept & process the cases of genuine students from all over the world..

Studying abroad is a very important decision of your life. A wrong decision or misled decision may result in ruining your career, investment and you may lead to a wrong course at the wrong university which may change the course of your life. It’s therefore essential that students must choose their academic service provider keeping in view their track record & reputation.

Let me assure all of our students that our goal remains to help students and see you shining in your future career. I assure to all our students and academics to have the best services at all times.

Muhammad Kamran Hussain
Chairman and Founder
H&H Group

Our Vision

H&H Group to be the Most Admired Consultancy Firm in the region by ensuring Customer Delight!

Our Mission

We are focused fully to offer Professional, Cost Effective and Transparent Consultancy Services to our clients pursuing our slogan “Quality Education & Life for Everyone”.

Our Values

Our Services will be guided by our beliefs and commitments to;

Respect:                    we value our team and stakeholders with respect and recognition.

Quality:                       we strive for excellence through continuous improvement in our Quality Services.

Transparency:          we ensure 100% Transparency in our Operations and Services.

Teamwork:                 we believe in teamwork and ensure it at every single point i Our Services.