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Some Exciting Facts about Ukraine

1: Ukraine is the heart of Europe!

It may be surprising for you but within Ukraine is the geographical centre of Europe. OK, it’s not quite simple because a number of locations claimed this title but it totally depends on how you measure Europe. A small town of RAKHIV in western Ukraine is one such place. Remarkably, the country has a second claimant in TRANSCARPATHIA, where an Austrian-Hungarian (who once ruled over the territory) OBELISK marks the spot.


2: Ukraine has Deepest Metro Station!

ARSENALNA, a station on Kiev’s SVIATOSHYNSKO-BROVARSKA line, is the world’s deepest at 105.5 meters below the ground.


3: Ukraine has World’s Largest Cargo Plane!

Yes, it is really a Giant! Antonov An-225 Myriya is the King of Cargo Planes in the World! It has the largest wingspan of any aircraft, at 88.4 meters and weighs 640,000kg.


4: Tunnel of Love!

Do You Know This? The Tunnel of Love is a world famous forest railway track which attracts thousands of Love Birds around the world to visit. This tunnel is naturally made up of trees on both sides of the railway track. It is found in the forests of Ukraine near the town of KLEVEN. The rail road is for a private train that provides wood for a local factory.


City with Most Cafe in the world!

The Ukrainian city of Lviv is claimed to have the most cafes in the world per capita. Fiona Duncan, visiting for Telegraph Travel, said: “Though Livivians of today are known for both their fervent nationalism and for their churchgoing, their city has an easy-going, almost frivolous air, filled with university students, embellished by its frothy confection of Renaissance, Baroque, Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau buildings and scented with aromas from its hundreds of Viennese style coffee houses. We only had to step out from our hotel, the Opera, and stroll with the crowds along Lviv’s central spine, Svobody (Liberty) Avenue, to find out how relaxed the place is.”